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Hesmonds Stud Hesmonds Stud Hesmonds Stud Hesmonds Stud
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05 Special Projects

Hesmonds Stud

Hesmonds Stud is a masterplanning, architecture and planning project to regenerate a thoroughbred racing stud work in a mature rural setting in East Sussex. The project involved a mix of new-build, renovation and radical refurbishment to breathe new life into the existing facilities. Working closely with the Owner, Project Manager and Senior Management Team, Michael led the design process to formulate and develop the proposals in accordance with the requirements of the breeding and training programme.

The scheme included conversion and refurbishment of existing barns to form the administration centre of the Stud, a series of new 'American' barns for the foals and yearlings and a new-build replacement dwelling for the use of the Owner when visiting the country. The project successfully received planning approval and is currently under construction on site.