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Bracken House 3D Massing Bracken House Bracken House Bracken House
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01 Strategic Studies

Bracken House, Bournemouth

Michael led a multi-disciplinary design team through the development of proposals for the regeneration of the Bracken House site in Bournemouth. The client intended to provide a mixed-use scheme for Bournemouth University that delivered 550 student residences, 3000 sqm of academic space together with associated supporting facilities. The brief required the building to be capable of all-year round use so considerable thought was given to the arrangement of the shared facilities and the provision of flexible public lounge and foyer spaces.

The proposals related to the wider urban design principals associated with the site, these included the creation of a central collegiate focal space and clear connectivity to the remainder of the urban campus. The two main buildings were carefully sited to minimize over-shadowing and rights to light issues with adjacent buildings whilst creating a clear well-supervised pedestrian route through the site. The proposals were presented utilizing innovative 3-dimensional modelling and visualizations.